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  •  - 1976 , The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science


  • 東京大学薬学系研究科生命薬学/博士(薬学)

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  • 1978-1981 Nagoya1981-1996 Nagoya

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Research Interests

    calcium signaling

Published Papers

  • A junctophilin-caveolin interaction enables efficient coupling between ryanodine receptors and BKCa channels in the Ca2+ microdomain of vascular smooth muscle., Saeki T, Suzuki Y, Yamamura H, Takeshima H, Imaizumi Y, The Journal of biological chemistry, 294, (35) 13093 - 13105, 08 , Refereed
  • Castration Induces Down-Regulation of A-Type K+ Channel in Rat Vas Deferens Smooth Muscle., Ohya S, Ito K, Hatano N, Ohno A, Muraki K, Imaizumi Y, International journal of molecular sciences, 20, (17) , 08 , Refereed
  • Development of a Novel Cell-Based Assay System for High-Throughput Screening of Compounds Acting on Background Two-Pore Domain K+ Channels., Kawasaki K, Suzuki Y, Yamamura H, Imaizumi Y, SLAS discovery : advancing life sciences R & D, 24, (6) 641 - 652, 07 , Refereed
  • Rapid Na+ accumulation by a sustained action potential impairs mitochondria function and induces apoptosis in HEK293 cells expressing non-inactivating Na+ channels., Kawasaki K, Suzuki Y, Yamamura H, Imaizumi Y, Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 513, (1) 269 - 274, 05 , Refereed
  • Conversion of Ca2+ oscillation into propagative electrical signals by Ca2+-activated ion channels and connexin as a reconstituted Ca2+ clock model for the pacemaker activity., Saeki T, Kimura T, Hashidume K, Murayama T, Yamamura H, Ohya S, Suzuki Y, Nakayama S, Imaizumi Y, Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 510, (2) 242 - 247, 03 , Refereed
  • Hypoxic stress upregulates Kir2.1 expression by a pathway including hypoxic-inducible factor-1α and dynamin2 in brain capillary endothelial cells., Yamamura H, Suzuki Y, Yamamura H, Asai K, Giles W, Imaizumi Y, American journal of physiology. Cell physiology, 315, (2) C202 - C213, 08 , Refereed
  • Negative regulation of cellular Ca2+ mobilization by ryanodine receptor type 3 in mouse mesenteric artery smooth muscle., Matsuki K, Kato D, Takemoto M, Suzuki Y, Yamamura H, Ohya S, Takeshima H, Imaizumi Y, American journal of physiology. Cell physiology, 315, (1) C1 - C9, 07 , Refereed
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  • Local Ca2+ coupling between mitochondria and sarcoplasmic reticulum following depolarization in guinea pig urinary bladder smooth muscle cells., Yamamura H, Kawasaki K, Inagaki S, Suzuki Y, Imaizumi Y, American journal of physiology. Cell physiology, 314, (1) C88 - C98, 01 , Refereed
  • TMEM16A and TMEM16B channel proteins generate Ca2+-activated Cl- current and regulate melatonin secretion in rat pineal glands., Yamamura H, Nishimura K, Hagihara Y, Suzuki Y, Imaizumi Y, The Journal of biological chemistry, 293, (3) 995 - 1006, 01 , Refereed
  • Physiological and Pathological Functions of Cl- Channels in Chondrocytes., Yamamura H, Suzuki Y, Imaizumi Y, Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin, 41, (8) 1145 - 1151, Refereed
  • Physiological roles of mitochondria and mitofusins on Ca2+ signaling in smooth muscles., Yamamura H, Suzuki Y, Imaizumi Y, Nihon yakurigaku zasshi. Folia pharmacologica Japonica, 149, (6) 260 - 263, Refereed
  • A New Splice Variant of Large Conductance Ca2+-activated K+ (BK) Channel Subunit Alters Human Chondrocyte Function, Yoshiaki Suzuki, Susumu Ohya, Hisao Yamamura, Wayne R. Giles, Yuji Imaizumi, JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 291, (46) 24247 - 24260, 11 , Refereed, Large conductance Ca2+-activated K+ (BK) channels play essential roles in both excitable and non-excitable cells. For example, in chondrocytes, agonist-induced Ca2+ release from intracellular store activates BK channels, and this hyperpolarizes these cells, augments Ca2+ entry, and forms a positive feed-back mechanism for Ca2+ signaling and stimulation-secretion coupling. In the present study, functional roles of a newly identified splice variant in the BK channel subunit (BKe2) were examined in a human chondrocyte cell line, OUMS-27, and in a HEK293 expression system. Although BKe2 lacks exon2, which codes the intracellular S0-S1 linker (Glu-127-Leu-180), significant expression was detected in several tissues from humans and mice. Molecular image analyses revealed that BKe2 channels are not expressed on plasma membrane but can traffic to the plasma membrane after forming hetero-tetramer units with wild-type BK (BKWT). Single-channel current analyses demonstrated that BK hetero-tetramers containing one, two, or three BKe2 subunits are functional. These hetero-tetramers have a smaller single channel conductance and exhibit lower trafficking efficiency than BKWT homo-tetramers in a stoichiometry-dependent manner. Site-directed mutagenesis of residues in exon2 identified Helix2 and the linker to S1 (Trp-158-Leu-180, particularly Arg-178) as an essential segment for channel function including voltage dependence and trafficking. BKe2 knockdown in OUMS-27 chondrocytes increased BK current density and augmented the responsiveness to histamine assayed as cyclooxygenase-2 gene expression. These findings provide significant new evidence that BKe2 can modulate cellular responses to physiological stimuli in human chondrocyte and contribute under pathophysiological conditions, such as osteoarthritis.
  • Modulation of TMEM16A-Channel Activity as Ca2+ Activated Cl- Conductance via the Interaction With Actin Cytoskeleton in Murine Portal Vein, Junya Ohshiro, Hisao Yamamura, Yoshiaki Suzuki, Yuji Imaizumi, JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES, 125, (1) 107 - 111, 05 , Refereed, TMEM16A is a major component of Ca2+-activated Cl- channel (CaCC) conductance in murine portal vein smooth muscle cells (mPVSMCs). Here, the regulation of CaCC activity by the actin cytoskeleton was examined in mPVSMCs. Actin disruption by cytochalasin D did not affect the current density, but increased the deactivation time constant in mPVSMCs. The elongated deactivation was recovered by jasplakinolide. When murine TMEM16A was transfected into HEK293 cells that have a poorly developed actin cytoskeleton, electrophysiological properties of CaCC currents were not changed by cytochalasin D. In conclusion, the CaCC activity in mPVSMCs is modified by the interaction of TMEM16A with abundant actin cytoskeleton.
  • The multiple expression of Ca2+-activated Cl- channels via homo- and hetero-dimer formation of TMEM16A splicing variants in murine portal vein, Junya Ohshiro, Hisao Yamamura, Takanori Saeki, Yoshiaki Suzuki, Yuji Imaizumi, BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, 443, (2) 518 - 523, 01 , Refereed, Ca2+-activated Cl- channel (CaCC) often plays substantial roles in the regulation of membrane excitability in smooth muscle cells (SMCs). TMEM16A, a member of the TMEM16 family, has been suggested as the molecular entity responsible for CaCC in several types of SMCs. In this study, the expression of TMEM16A splicing variants and their contribution to CaCC activity were examined in murine portal vein SMCs (mPVSMCs). Four transcripts of TMEM16A splicing variants, which include four alternatively spliced segments ("a" and "b" in N-terminus and "c" and "d" in the first intracellular loop), were identified; the expression ratio of four transcripts of "abc", "acd", "abcd" and "ac" was 64.5, 25.8, 4.8 and 4.8%, respectively. The immunostaining of isolated mPVSMCs with anti-TMEM16A antibody indicates the abundant expression of TMEM16A on the cell membrane. CaCC currents recorded in mPVSMCs were markedly reduced by T16(inh)-A01, a specific TMEM16A inhibitor. When the two major TMEM16A splicing variants, abc and acd isoforms, were expressed separately in HEK293 cells, the CaCC currents, which possess similar electrophysiological characteristics to those in mPVSMCs were observed. The single-molecule photobleaching analyses using total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRE) microscope indicated that the distribution of stepwise photobleaching events was fit well with a binomial distribution for homodimer. Additionally, the heterodimer formation was suggested by fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) analyses in HEK293 cells co-expressing CFP- or YFP-tagged variants. In conclusion, alternatively spliced variants of TMEM16A abc and acd in mPVSMCs are two major molecular entities of CaCC and may form hetero-/homo-dimers to be functional as CaCC in the regulation of membrane excitability and contractility in mPVSMCs. (C) 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
  • New screening system for selective blockers of voltage-gated K(+) channels using recombinant cell lines dying upon single action potential., Fujii M, Hayashi K, Ohya S, Yamamura H, Imaizumi Y, Journal of pharmacological sciences, 123, (2) 147 - 158, Refereed
  • [Screening methods for ion-channels drug discovery and new ideas]., Fujii M, Ohya S, Yamamura H, Imaizumi Y, Nihon yakurigaku zasshi. Folia pharmacologica Japonica, 138, (6) 229 - 233, 12 , Refereed
  • [Study on ion channel transporters as a target for the drug discovery]., Imaizumi Y, Kaneko S, Nihon yakurigaku zasshi. Folia pharmacologica Japonica, 138, (6) , 12 , Refereed
  • Novel Spliced Variants of Large-Conductance Ca2+-Activated K+-Channel beta(2)-Subunit in Human and Rodent Pancreas, Susumu Ohya, Tomohiro Fujimori, Takuya Kimura, Hisao Yamamura, Yuji Imaizumi, JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES, 114, (2) 198 - 205, 10 , Refereed, Large-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ (BK) channel regulates action potential firing in pancreatic beta-cells. We cloned novel spliced variants of the BK-channel beta(2)-subunit (BK beta 2b), which consisted of 36 amino acids including the N-terminal in the original human BK beta 2 (BK beta 2a), from human and rodent pancreas. Real-time PCR analysis showed the abundant expression of BK beta 2b transcripts in human and rodent pancreas and also in the RINm5f insulinoma cell line. In addition, up-regulation of both BK-channel alpha-subunit (BK alpha) and BK beta 2b transcripts was observed in pancreas tissues from diabetes mellitus patients. In HEK293 cells co-expressing BK alpha and BK beta 2b, the inactivation of BK-channel currents, which is typical for BK alpha + BK beta 2a, was not observed, and electrophysiological and pharmacological properties of BK alpha + BK beta 2b were almost identical to those of BKa alone. In HEK293 cells stably expressing BKa, the transient co-expression of yellow fluorescence protein (YFP)-tagged BK beta 2a proteins resulted in their distribution along the cell membrane. In contrast, the co-expression of YFP-tagged BK beta 2b with BKa showed diffusely distributed fluorescence signals throughout the cell body. Taken together, the predominant splicing of BK beta 2b versus that of BK beta 2a presumably enhances the contribution of BK channels to membrane potential and may possibly be a factor modulating insulin secretion in a suppressive manner in pancreatic beta-cells.
  • Characteristics of the ATP-induced Ca2+-entry pathway in the t-BBEC 117 cell line derived from bovine brain endothelial cells., Yamazaki D, Ohya S, Asai K, Imaizumi Y, Journal of pharmacological sciences, 104, (1) 103 - 107, 05 , Refereed
  • A New Insight into the Function of TRPV2 in Circulatory Organs, Muraki K, Shigekawa M, Imaizumi Y, Liedtke WB, Heller S, Refereed
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  • Two-step Ca2+ intracellular release underlies excitation-contraction coupling in mouse urinary bladder myocytes., Morimura K, Ohi Y, Yamamura H, Ohya S, Muraki K, Imaizumi Y, American journal of physiology. Cell physiology, 290, (2) C388 - 403, 02 , Refereed
  • 血管平滑筋細胞イオンチャネルとリモデリング, イオンチャネル最前線update 別冊医学の歩み, ,/pp.290-295
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Books etc

  • 血管平滑節カルシウムチャネルの機能制御とその役割。, 循環器科,   1998
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  • Measurement of noninactivating calcium current in smooth muscle cells.,   1991
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Research Grants & Projects

  • 新規メカニズム導入によるイオンチャネル作用薬の効率的探索法の開発,   2003  - 2004
  • 細胞内カルシウムによるイオンチャネル活性制御機構と関連疾患の治療薬探索,   2002  - 2004
  • 心血管系病態でのイオンチャネル発現変化とその機構,   1998  - 1999
  • 電位依存性一過性Kチャネルのアラキドン酸感受性と遺伝子解析,   1998  - 1999
  • 気道平滑筋細胞のカルシウム依存性クロライドチャネルと気道過敏症,   1996  - 1997
  • ラット胃セロトニン受容体に関連した低分子量タンパクの遺伝子クロ-ニングと発現,   1994  - 1995
  • 各種平滑筋細胞におけるCaチャネル活性調節機構の多様性とそのメカニズム,   1992  - 1993
  • 新たな疾患治療を目指したカルシウム活性化カリウムチャネル作用薬の薬効解析と応用
  • 生細胞内オルガネラ膜上タンパク質の一分子可視化技術の開拓
  • トランスポートソームによるペースメーカー活動の発生・調節機構

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