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KONO Takao

FacultyGraduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Biomedical Science
Last Updated :2020/01/09

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    Research funding number:70581742
    ORCID ID:0000-0003-2557-4281


  •  - 2005 , Meijo University

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  • Society for Neuroscience

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Research Areas

  • Neuroscience, Neurophysiology/General neuroscience
  • Pharmacy, Biological pharmacy

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Published Papers

  • Expression and Preparation of Recombinant Reelin and ADAMTS-3 Proteins., Kohno T, Ogino H, Yamakage Y, Hattori M, Methods in molecular biology, 2043, 93 - 104, Refereed
  • Assay for Reelin-Cleaving Activity of ADAMTS and Detection of Reelin and Its Fragments in the Brain., Ogino H, Yamakage Y, Yamashita MB, Kohno T, Hattori M, Methods in molecular biology , 2043, 105 - 111, Refereed
  • Semaphorin 6A–Plexin A2/A4 interactions with radial glia regulate migration termination of superficial layer cortical neurons, Hatanaka Y, Kawasaki T, Abe T, Shioi G, Kohno T, Hattori M, Sakakibara A, Kawaguchi Y, Hirata T, iScience, 21, 359 - 374, Refereed
  • A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 2 cleaves and inactivates Reelin in the postnatal cerebral cortex and hippocampus, but not in the cerebellum., Yamakage Y, Kato M, Hongo A, Ogino H, Ishii K, Ishizuka T, Kamei T, Tsuiji H, Miyamoto T, Oishi H, Kohno T, Hattori M, Molecular and cellular neurosciences, 100, 09 , Refereed
  • Differential binding of anti-Reelin monoclonal antibodies reveals the characteristics of Reelin protein under various conditions., Ishii K, Kohno T, Hattori M, Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 05 , Refereed
  • Reducing ADAMTS-3 Inhibits Amyloid β Deposition in App Knock-in Mouse., Yamakage Y, Tsuiji H, Kohno T, Ogino H, Saito T, Saido TC, Hattori M, Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin, 42, (3) 354 - 356, Refereed
  • Reelin deficiency leads to aberrant lipid composition in mouse brain., Mizukami T, Ikeda K, Shimanaka Y, Korogi K, Zhou C, Takase H, Tsuiji H, Kono N, Kohno T, Arai H, Arita M, Hattori M, Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 09 , Refereed
  • Genetic and animal model analyses reveal the pathogenic role of a novel deletion of RELN in schizophrenia., Sobue A, Kushima I, Nagai T, Shan W, Kohno T, Aleksic B, Aoyama Y, Mori D, Arioka Y, Kawano N, Yamamoto M, Hattori M, Nabeshima T, Yamada K, Ozaki N, Scientific reports, 8, (1) , 08 , Refereed
  • Secreted Metalloproteinase ADAMTS-3 Inactivates Reelin, Ogino H., Hisanaga A., Kohno T., Kondo Y., Okumura K., Kamei T., Sato T., Asahara H., Tsuiji H., Fukata M., and Hattori M., The Journal of Neuroscience, 22, 3181 - 3191, Refereed
  • Determination of cleavage site of Reelin between its sixth and seventh repeat and contribution of meprin metalloproteases to the cleavage., Sato, Y., Kobayashi, D., Kohno, T., Kidani, Y., Prox, J., Becker-Pauly, C., and Hattori,M., J. Biochem, 159, (3) 305 - 312, Refereed
  • Mice that lack the C-terminal region of Reelin exhibit behavioral abnormalities related to neuropsychiatric disorders., Sakai K, Shoji H, Kohno T, Miyakawa T, Hattori M, Sci Rep., 6, (28636) , Refereed
  • CUB and Sushi multiple domains 3 regulates dendrite development., Mizukami T, *Kohno T, Hattori M., Neurosci Res., 110, 11 - 17, Refereed, *Corresponding author
  • The C-terminal region of Reelin is necessary for proper positioning of a subset of Purkinje cells in the postnatal cerebellum, Nakamura K., Beppu M., Sakai K., Yagyu H., Matsumaru S., Kohno T., and Hattori M., Neuroscience, (336) 20 - 29, Refereed
  • Importance of Reelin C-Terminal Region in the Development and Maintenance of the Postnatal Cerebral Cortex and Its Regulation by Specific Proteolysis, Kohno T, Honda T, Kubo KI, Nakano Y, Tsuchiya A, Murakami T, Banno H, Nakajima K, Hattori M, J. Neurosci., 35, (11) 4776 - 4787, Refereed
  • Cleavage within Reelin Repeat 3 Regulates the Duration and Range of the Signaling Activity of Reelin Protein., Koie M, Okumura K, Hisanaga A, Kamei T, Sasaki K, Deng M, Baba A, Kohno T, Hattori M., J Biol Chem., 289, (18) 12922 - 12930., Refereed
  • Aberrant fragment of Dab1 protein is present in yotari mouse., Onoue A, Takeuchi M, Kohno T, Hattori M., Neurosci Res., 88, 23 - 27, Refereed
  • Differential localization of sphingomyelin synthase isoforms in neurons regulates sphingomyelin cluster formation., Kidani Y, Ohshima K, Sakai H, Kohno T, Baba A, Hattori M., Biochem Biophys Res Commun., 417, (3) 1014 - 1017, Refereed
  • A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 4 (ADAMTS-4) cleaves Reelin in an isoform-dependent manner., Hisanaga A, Morishita S, Suzuki K, Sasaki K, Koie M, Kohno T, Hattori M., FEBS Lett., 586, (19) 3349 - 3353, Refereed
  • Functional importance of covalent homodimer of reelin protein linked via its central region., Yasui N, Kitago Y, Beppu A, Kohno T, Morishita S, Gomi H, Nagae M, Hattori M, Takagi J., J Biol Chem., 286, (40) 35247 - 35256, Refereed
  • Re-evaluation of protease activity of reelin., Kohno T, Hattori M., Biol Pharm Bull., 33, (6) 1047 - 1049, Refereed
  • Mechanism and significance of specific proteolytic cleavage of Reelin., Kohno S, Kohno T, Nakano Y, Suzuki K, Ishii M, Tagami H, Baba A, Hattori M., Biochem Biophys Res Commun., 380, (1) 93 - 97, Refereed
  • C-terminal region-dependent change ofantibody-binding to the eighth Reelin repeat reflects the signalingactivity of Reelin., Kohno T, NakanoY, Kitoh N, Yagi H, Kato K, Baba A, Hattori M., J Neurosci Res., 87, (14) 3043 - 3053, Refereed
  • The extremely conserved C-terminal region of Reelinis not necessary for secretion but is required for efficient activation of downstream signaling., Nakano Y, Kohno T, Hibi T, Kohno S, Baba A, Mikoshiba K, Nakajima K, Hattori M., J Biol Chem., 282, (28) 20544 - 20552, Refereed


  • Regulatory Mechanisms and Physiological Significance of Reelin Function., Kohno T, Yakugaku zasshi : Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, 137, (10) 1233 - 1240,   2017
  • 巨大分泌タンパク質リーリンによる神経細胞移動の制御機構, 河野孝夫、服部光治, 生化学, 88, (1) 105 - 113,   2016
  • リーリン, 河野 孝夫、服部 光治, 脳科学辞典,   2013
  • 「細胞外シグナル分子リーリンの分解機構と生理的意義」, 河野孝夫、服部光治, 生化学, 82, (10) 963 - 971,   2010


  • 抗体とその利用, 2011-179161
  • ADAMTS-3を用いたリーリン分解, 2012-180354

Awards & Honors

  •   2016 , The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Tokai Branch Academic Award

Research Grants & Projects

  • 巨大分泌蛋白質リーリンのシグナル活性機構と、その精神神経疾患における重要性の解明,   2017  - 2019 , 河野孝夫
  • 脳の形成と機能を司る分泌蛋白質リーリンの、機能制御機構の解明とその創薬への応用,   2014  - 2016 , 河野 孝夫
  • 精神神経疾患の診断・治療を目指した、巨大分泌蛋白質リーリンの特異的分解機構の解明,   2012  - 2014 , 河野 孝夫
  • 脳形成に必須な分泌蛋白質リーリンの、特異的分解による機能制御機構の解明,   2010  - 2012 , 河野孝夫

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