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YUKAWA Yasushi

FacultyGraduate School of Sciences Division of Biological Science, Executives
Last Updated :2020/07/02

Researcher Profile and Settings

Profile & Settings

    Research funding number:70381902
    ORCID ID:0000-0001-8707-3357


  •   1995 04  - 1998 03 , Nagoya University, Doctoral Program, Graduate School of Science
  •   1993 04  - 1995 04 , Toyama University, Master's Course, Graduate School of Science
  •   1989 04  - 1993 03 , Toyama University, Faculty of Science


  • Ph. D., Nagoya University

Association Memberships

  • The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
  • The Molecuar Biology Society of Japan

Academic & Professional Experience

  •   2010 04  - 現在, Nagoya City University, Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Professor
  •   2006 04  - 2017 03 , Nagoya City University, Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Assistant Professor
  •   2008 04  - 2010 03 , Nagoya City University, Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Associate Professor
  •   2005 04  - 2006 03 , Nagoya City University, Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Senior Lecturer
  •   2001 11  - 2005 03 , Nagoya City University, Institute of Natural Sciences, Researcher
  •   1998 11  - 2001 10 , Nagoya University, Center for Gene Research, JSPS, Research Fellowship for Young Scientists
  •   2000 07  - 2000 09 , Julius-Maximilians-Univesität Würzburg,, Institut für Biochemie, Visiting Researcher
  •   1999 08  - 1999 08 , Julius-Maximilians-Univesität Würzburg,, Institut für Biochemie, Visiting Researcher
  •   1998 04  - 1998 10 , Nagoya University, Center for Gene Research, Nagoya University, Researcher

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Life sciences, Genomics
  • Life sciences, Molecular biology
  • Life sciences, Plants: molecular biology and physiology

Research Interests

    chromatin, Arabidopsis, stress response, in vitro translation, transcriptional regulation, RNA polymerase III, tRNA, in vitro transcription, non-coding RNA

Published Papers

  • Novel in vivo system to monitor tRNA expression based on the recovery of GFP fluorescence and its application for the determination of plant tRNA expression, Fumiya Oohashi, Yutaka Aga, Yasushi Yukawa, Kazuhito Akama, Gene, 703, 145 - 152, 06 , Refereed, •Development of a novel assay system for tRNA expressed in plant cells
    •The assay based on recovery of the expression of GFP as a reporter
    •Monitoring the fluorescence of RFP for the normalization of transformation efficiency
    •Rapid laser-scanning microscopy of GFP or RFP fluorescence for quantitative determination
    •Its application to determine the expression of 17 kinds of tRNAGln genes from Arabidopsis
  • Pol III-dependent cabbage BoNR8 long ncRNA affects seed germination and growth in Arabidopsis, Juan Wu, Chunxiao Liu, Dandan Li, Shuang Li, Ziguang Liu, Xiaoqing Huang, Shengyi Liu, ShenKui Liu, Yasushi Yukawa, Plant and Cell Physiology, 60, (2) 421 - 435, Refereed
  • Effect of AtR8 lncRNA partial deletion on Arabidopsis seed germination., Dandan Li, Xiaoqing Huang, Ziguang Liu, Shuang Li, Toshihiro Okada, Yasushi Yukawa, Juan Wu, Molecular Soil Biology, 7, (7) 1 - 7, 06 , Refereed
  • A tRNALeu-like sequence within the promoter of an Arabidopsis clock-regulated gene is functional: efficient transcription by an RNA polymerase III-dependent in vitro transcription system., Keiko Hasegawa, Yasushi Yukawa, Junichi Obokata, Masahiro Sugiura, Gene, 307, 133 - 139, Refereed
  • [Plant in vitro transcription systems]., Yukawa Y, Sugiura M, Tanpakushitsu kakusan koso. Protein, nucleic acid, enzyme, 47, (5) 583 - 589, 04 , Refereed
  • Plant 7SL RNA and tRNATyr genes with inserted antisense sequences are efficiently expressed in tobacco nuclear extract., Yasushi Yukawa, Jarolav Matousek, Michael Grimm, Lukas Vrba, Gerhart Steger, Masahiro Sugiura, Hildburg Beier, Plant Molecular Biology, 50, (4/5) 713 - 723, Refereed
  • Plant cytosolic tRNA(His) possesses an exceptional C-54 in the canonical T Psi C loop, K Akama, Y Yukawa, M Sugiura, Small, I, NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, 26, (11) 2708 - 2714, 06 , Refereed, A nuclear gene coding for tRNA(His) from Arabidopsis has been reported to contain C-54 in the T Psi C loop, although the corresponding nucleotide is an invariant U or a derivative in nearly all of her tRNAs. The only previously reported plant cytosolic tRNA(His) sequence, from lupin, has U-54. To re-examine plant cytosolic tRNAs(His) and their genes we have used DNA and RNA sequence analyses, restriction enzyme digestion of PCR-amplified tRNA genes, RNA hybridization and in vivo aminoacylation assails. Our results suggest that Arabidopsis nuclear tRNA(His) genes ubiquitously contain C-54, as do those from tobacco, lupin and pea. The C-54 nucleotide is maintained in the mature tRNA(His), which is aminoacylated in vivo, but to a relatively low level compared with other tRNAs examined. Finally it was shown that an Arabidopsis tRNA(His) gene with T-54 in place of C-54 is over 5-fold more transcriptionally active than the wild-type gene using an in vitro system derived from plant nuclei. A possible role for this apparently sub-optimal tRNA(His) sequence is suggested.

Research Grants & Projects

  • 植物の感染防御応答に関わる葉緑体カルシウムシグナル伝達ネットワーク,   2008  - 2010
  • シロイヌナズナ無細胞転写解析法による光依存転写機構の解析,   2008  - 2010

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